The PW8001 sets a new benchmark for complete power analysis solutions with HIOKI being the only manufacturer that offers industry-leading power analyzers and a wide portfolio of high-accuracy current sensors both developed and manufactured by HIOKI. This enables to align their performance and results in more accurate and stable measurements from DC to high frequencies and low power factor measurements thanks to functions like the automatic phase shift correction.

Upcoming industry challenges are anticipated with the ability to measure even large currents at voltages up to 1500 V, 15 MS/s sampling rate and multi-channel measurement target applications using SiC/GaN semiconductors from automobile electrification, smart grids and reactors to renewable energy supply sources.


Key Features

Video: PW8001 – Complete Power Analysis


Evaluation of dual-inverter drive system performance

Dual-inverter systems where each inverter drives a motor will increase reliability and efficiency. The PW8001’s ability to measure eight channels of power data across a broad frequency band accurately and with excellent reproducibility is highly effective when evaluating the performance of dual-inverter systems.

Evaluation of solar inverter based power interchange systems

Power interchange systems that can accommodate both storage batteries and EVs will be a method to use energy more effectively. The PW8001’s ability to accurately and simultaneously measure power at multiple points, for example at DC-DC converter, inverter, and storage battery inputs and outputs, is highly effective when evaluating solar inverter performance.


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PW8001 Brochure

Power analyzer lineup

Current sensor lineup

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